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Servo Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers

Providing you the wide range of Servo Tensile Testing Machine & Digital Tensile Testing Machine from New Delhi, India.

Servo Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers

Star Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading brand of Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers & suppliers in India. We are the well-known Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers in the market.

Main Characteristics:

Tensile Testing Machines are manufactured with the speed varying between 10-500mm/minute.

We manufacture the Tensile Testing Machine with a single load cell.

Tensile Testing Machine provides the accuracy of +/-1%.

Tensile Testing Machines are painted with powder coating along with the direct display through microcontroller.

Servo Tensile Testing Machine works upon the load capacity of 500kg.

We are offering the Tensile Testing Machine at reasonable price.

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers are manufacturing a wide range of top-notch quality computerized Tensile Testing Machine.

Product Details:

System status

Digital with Computer Interface

Resolution of Display

0.01 mm


50 to 520 mm/ minute

Machine Capacity

Available in 100Kgf/ 1KN, 500Kgf/5 KN, 1Tonf/ 10KN, 2Tonf/ 20KN, 5Tonf/ 50KN, 10Tonf/ 100KN

Number of Screws



The windows based software on interfacing with computer

Data Entry

Through software

PC Connectivity

RS - 232

Reports printouts

Graphical-data reports can be printed through software Load Cell S - Type

Load Cell Unit

Kg/ N/ Ton/KN

Crosshead Travel

1200 mm

Digital Tensile Testing Machine

A fully digital universal-tensile testing system with high precision control and accuracy to test in tension, compression, flex, shear and peel. We provide these equipment requirements through tensile testing machines, digital tensile testing machines, yarn testing equipment, textile testing equipment, lab dyeing machines, automotive testing equipment, leather and footwear testing equipment that provide completely accurate measurements. Are doing. For the strength and strength of the garment. All these machines have been developed according to the standards and guidelines recommended by the industry.

Product Details:


Star embsys

System status

Digital with computer Interface

Reports and printouts

Graphical-data type reports can be printed through software

Load cell

S Type

Load cell unit

Kg /N /Ton /kN

Cross head travel

1000 mm

Resolution of display

0.01 mm


50 to 500 mm / minute

Machine capacity

Available in 100Kgf/1KN, 500Kgf/5KN, 1Tonf/10KN, 2Tonf/20KN, 5Tonf/50KN, 10Tonf/10

Number of screws



The windows based software

Data entry

Through software

PC connectivity

RS - 232 / USB


Low maintenance Coast

High operational Efficiency

Servo Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers

Star Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading brand for manufacturing the best quality of Tensile Testing Machines. We are the known Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers in the market. We are making these tensile testing machines by using the superior quality of raw material or spare parts sourced from the specific vendors from the market. We are having the expert team of trained and professional engineers who are engaged in working with their best efforts to manufacture the high class tensile testing machine.

These machines are made with the utmost care for precision. As these are the testing machines so they are needed to be accurate. We are manufacturing the Servo Tensile Testing Machine which is manufactured with the great load capacity with a single load cell. These machines are used to check the properties of Tensile and elongation as per the ISO standards. We are supplying the best equipment which is been manufactured with the additional built in programs for Peel, Bond, cyclic endurance which is dependent upon the time, load, count and extensions with the policy of auto rotate and auto stop. We are manufacturing these machines with the cost effective advance technology. These are offered at low maintenance cost.