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Calibration Load Cell

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Load Cell

We are making Load Cell to measure the weight of systems in the factory and is also used in various other applications. These load cells are the transducer which is used to convert the force into electrical signals.

We are manufacturing the Calibration Cells which are very accurate at load measurement and can get installed easily. We are designing the fundamental system which is important to many industrial sectors which includes aerospace, marine, heavy lifting and automotive. We are concentrating on the load cells performance which can be made more accurate with the help of calibration. These load cells are used in Quality management systems to hold the records.

This is to be done to check out the mechanism of the loads weighing machine that whether they are working properly. It is required to be checked that whether the marker for the weight indications are getting back to zero after the weight or load from the machine is removed. It is required to check that when the load gets doubled on the machine then the weight which is indicated also gets doubled or not.

So, even in this condition also the weight or the loads should remain the same then you can say the cell is functioning in a good condition.

Various parameters to start the system of Calibration load cell:

Inspection to be done for the cable and coil of load cells to protect any excess: There should be the equal distribution of load amongst the various load cells installations. If it differs, then the load should be rebalanced back again.

Primarily the Dummy Load cells should be used before completion: The mechanism requires the shelves to adjust the weights. But in the ASME categories of vessels, these get attached after when the vessels gets fabricated.

Shifts in the balance: Which is zero takes place because of the residual stress in the areas which are sensitive. These residual stresses come up due to the overloading of the cell or because of the repeated operation cycles.